1. Helical Gear Design

 Helical gearing increases the tooth to tooth contact ratio by as much as 33%,Benefits include increased torque capacity , ultimate smoothness , lower backlash and decreased noise. The helix angle is carefully chosen to gain these advantages while not producing excessive axial forces.

2. Triple-split collet and dynamically balanced set collar clamping system

Triple-split collet and dynamically balanced set collar clamping system for efficient power transmission. Perfect concentricity from one-piece sun gear / input shaft reduces backlash and allows higher input speeds.

3.Patented planet carrier design

Patented planet carrier design mounts the sun gear bearing directly into the planet carrier in order to eliminate misalignment. This exclusive design offers great advantages in decreased noise, vibration and transmission errors and losses.

4.One-piece carrier

One-piece carrier and output housing ensure 100% concentricity and alignment of all the rotating components. One-piece construction increases strength, rigidity and system reliability.

5. NYOGEL 792D

Lubrication by synthetic Nyogel 792D grease for smooth operation over the whole service life, Sealed to IP65 standard for ingress protection and can be mounted in any orientation.

6. In-house plasma nitriding heat treatment

Our In-house plasma nitriding treatment process allows the hardness of the gear flank to reach over 900Hv for superior wear resistance and still maintain a core hardness of 30HRc for toughness and resistance to shock loading

7. HeliTopo technology 

Industry-leading gear performance is attained with our HeliTopo technology. Ease off of the tooth profile and lead crowning optimizes the gear mesh under load and achieves maximum tooth surface contact.

8. Solid needle roller bearings without cage

Planet gears rotate on solid uncaged needle roller bearings for increased stiffness and the maximum number of contact points. Hardened thrust washers allow the precise control of clearances in order to eliminate backlash.

9.Patented sealing system

Patented sealing system featuring a TiCN coated shaft surface that eliminates leakage and increases service life to over 30,000 hours. The high tech coating, with a surface quality of 0.2um and hardness of 3700 Hv. Interfaces with our proprietary seal, decreases wear and running temperature.

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