Standard 14 spare inputs and 12 spare outputs for interfacing with other
    ancillary equipment. Extension up to 30 I/O also available.



    Parts removal:

1) 3 axes synchronized movements reduce complexity and cost to buildend-arm-tooling.

2) Able to reach parts with hooks and undercuts using unconventional paths such as     curves, etc.

    Stack and array:

Each cycle can handle up to 9 stack areas with individual stack formats. Can also place parts onto 100 points on the same surface.

    Insert and grid:

Each cycle can place 9 different insertion materials into the mould, fed from a single point, grid pallet, or multi-station.

    3D path:

The robot can follow teaching point-to-point path to move. It lets the track move smoothly and shorten the cycle time.


1) Reject program: Detects signal from the moulding machine, set the reject part
    count and places part in different area.

2) Inspection program: Places part in different area for QC inspection, for example     every 100 cycles.

3) Test-mould program: Allows checking of parts at the beginning of each automatic     moulding cycle before cycle counter starts.

4) Weight program: Checks part quality from electronic weigh scale and separates     defect parts.